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Well We almost Have Hands and Feet

13 May

So for some reason all of the body parts are a bit sticky and the finger tips did not get full cast because of air bubbles….. they all seem to be about the right size and texture though.


Finally a Good Cast of the Baby Beatriz Head

6 May

             After several tries with several different material combinations and some interesting (horrifying) results I have finally created a successful Baby Beatriz Head Prototype. This head is made of Dragon Skin Silicon 10 by smooth-on, it is hollow and stuffed with poly-fill, she is pretty cuddly and life like at the same time. her ears still have a few bubbles in them but that is a small issue compared to the previous casting experiments. I have unresolved feeling about whether or not to paint hair on her head and whether or not to use glass doll eyes or the sculpted eyes that she already has…….This trial and error period took longer then expected but at least I have a good head now and can start on the arms, legs, and body portions!!! I am excited to see it come together.

Please excuse the mad scientist hair due

Casting Crazyness

1 May

I have been working this weekend to produce the first Baby Beatriz Doll, I worked on making the initial head sculpt more charming and polished. I went to Joe-anns and got the fabrics and poly fill for her body and clothing. I went to an awesome place called Cast Tech to get the materials to make a mold and the final body parts. I am excited and scared about how this will all turn out.  As of now Baby Beatriz’s head is in a large container of brown urethane goop as is my doll from child hood, Victoria.  They have to stay in their current state for about 16 hours. I just keep on thinking of Toy Story and how if these dolls where alive how upset they would be about being stuck in goop for 16 hours.

I think Baby Beatriz will soon look great with a Bow!!!!

I think she looks a bit like me though that was totally unintentional.

 ^^^^^^^This is where the Baby Beatriz head is housed for the time being^^^^^^

Here is Victoria in a terrible state. I have wrapped her in plastic wrap and tape and put her in this bucket with insolation foam and urethane. I feel like a very bad doll momma. However It must be done if the Beatriz dolls are going to have legs and arms to match their bodies.

Fare Trade Fabrics

27 Apr

This week I am going to embark on prototyping the first Baby Beatriz Doll. Tomorrow I will try to go about getting the proper materials to make a head mold and cast a few heads arms and feet in different pigments. Today I went to JoeAnn’s to get Polyfill and the cloth for the doll bodies and clothing. When I worked at Handcocks a few years ago I remember a section of cotton fabric in the store that was made in the USA. I would like to make the Baby Beatriz Dolls in the most socially just and organic way possible even though it will not be entirely possible. I at least would like the fabric portions to be from organic fare trade fabric. Surprise, surprise, there was no fabric of this sort any where to be found at JoeAnn’s but I have found a good site the sells fare trade and organic fabrics created in Africa that I believe at this point I would like to utilize.

My head mold need ears still and I need to figure out hoe to attach all the parts to each other.

Wish me luck.

Doll Production Progress

30 Mar

Here is a progression of photos taken to display my first attempts at doll sculpting.

This first picture shows the doll in its begging stages before eyes were put in. You also see some of my own baby pictures in the back ground which I used as reference for face shape and head proportion.

This is a nice picture of her face. I feel she still looks a bit off because she does not have ears yet.

I like this view because it make me feel like a competent sculptor. I am glad that I have found a use for my 3D skills.

I still need to work on smoothing out ever nook and cranny. I really would like Baby Beatriz to be a doll that any child would want.

I think her carved eyes look really nice and give her some expression. I believe the final product will have to be with out eyes so that I can put in some more naturalistic glass ones after she has been cast in doll rubber (smooth-on silicon). Those blinkable eyes would be super nice. Hopefully this is the first of many doll head carvings that will be included in the final Baby Beatriz doll collection. I am excited about this aspect of the project because it will give me a break from editing and after effecting for a while yet still be considered studio work.